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Travel to Tanum by bus

Nettbuss Bus4You operates daily to and from Tanum. You have the option to travel to Oslo, Moss, Sarpsborg, Uddevalla, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Malmö and Copenhagen. You can also travel further from Gothenburg to Borås, Jönköping, Linköping, Norrköping and Stockholm.

Nettbuss Bus4You is offering:
- large comfortable seats
- spacious seats for stretching your legs
- free wifi
- power sockets
- Opportunity of sitting alone or together with your favorite company
- 98% punctuality

Nettbuss Bus4You has the highest customer satisfaction ratings in Sweden according to surveys made by Svenskt Kvalitetsindex, SKI. Eight years in a row Nettbuss Bus4You has received the highest score within the private transport business which includes train companies, flight companies and bus companies. All travels which are operated by Nettbuss Bus4You are approved as environmentally friendly which is shown by the symbol Bra Miljöval of Naturskyddsföreningen. Nettbuss as a company is certified within the transport business align with ISO 39001:2012. Tickets with the lowest prices are always to be found online through nettbuss.se but you are also welcome to buy your ticket through any of our resellers or through calling us at +46771-151515.


Traveling to and from Tanum with Nettbuss express

With Nettbuss express you are traveling at a really low cost in standard comfort express buses. On the bus there is free wifi available and power sockets. You can travel to Tanum from Oslo, Moss, Sarpsborg, Uddevalla, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Malmö and Copenhagen. You can also travel to Tanum from Borås, Jönköping, Mjölby, Linköping, Norrköping and Stockholm. We offer bus travels at the best prices in the market and the tickets for these travels are to be found through our website nettbuss.se. You can also choose to purchase your ticket through any of our resellers or through telephone +46771-151515.



Tanum is the largest municipality, in terms of the extent, in the county of Bohuslän. There are around 12 600 inhabitants spread over this surface where the majority lives along the coast line. Areas that are sparsely populated are where agriculture and forestry holding dominate. Also in the east between the lakes called Bullaresjöarna and at the borders to the county of Dalsland.

What is characterizing for Tanum are the great amount of small communities along the coast. All of these has a history from when fishing was a main occupancy among the inhabitants, not least when the fishing was concentrated on catching herring and also when the carriage and stone industry were blooming at the end of the 19th century and also at the beginning of the 20th century. Tanum has a long coast line with borders to Skagerrak, which is an area spread from Gerlesborg in the south to Galtö in the north. All of the many firths and sea bays are prolonging the shoreline with several kilometers. The municipality has 525 kilometers classified as coast line where the land coast is 175 kilometers and the shoreline od the islands is 350 kilometers. Along the archipelago the most salty and clean sea in Sweden is to behold and maybe even invite for a swim. The northern part of the archipelago together with the surrounding ocean in the first marine national park in Sweden – called Kosterhavet. 

Within the shore line he agriculture is wide spread. Back in the days the agriculture, often in combination with fishing this was how the inhabitants could support their families. The buildings in the communities are often strategically located nearby the mountain sides not to interfere with the cultivable ground. Where several valleys meet have created bigger tablelands. In connection to these tablelands there are well known rock engravings, which were created during the Bronze age when the areas were covered by water. These rock engravings in Tanum nearby Vitlycke are since 1994 listed in Unesco world heritage site.  Exhibitions at Vitlycke museum is showing these engravings and tells the stories behind them. 

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