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Traveling conditions (Norway)

Travelling conditions

By purchasing a ticket and/or travelling on our bus lines, you accept these conditions appplicable to your ticket and agree to comply with them. Please read these conditions carefully. 

The terms and conditions apply to all regular bus traffic with Vy in Norway. When transferring to other bus lines operated by other operators than Vy, the travel conditions apply to the operator concerned.

These travel conditions must be seen in conjunction with EU/EAA Regulation 181/2011 on buss passenger rights

1 Ticket and travel conditions

1.1 Terms of purchase

Pre-purchased ticket entitles you to travel on specific departures. Embark has to be made at the stop point shown in the ticket. A purchased ticket for a specified departure does not entitle you to travel from a carrier other than the one shown in the given ticket.

A periodic ticket entitles you to travel between the stops within the period of the ticket. To be guaranteed place on a designated departure, one must always reserve a ticket through our website/app. 

Unused tickets (single tickets, return tickets, period tickets or other multiway tickets) is not refundable. It is the travelers responsibility to meet to the right departure at the right time and at the right stop. Only cancellation insurance entitles you to cancellation with a refund.

1.2 Periodic ticket

A periodic ticket is linked to your mobile phone number and can only be used by you. Abuse and redestribution may cause the balance of your ticket to be retracted and the accout closed. Information anf prices on periodic tickets can be found here.

1.3 Children  

Children traveling alone must be able to take care of themselves. The form "I am traveling alone" must be filled out by the childs guardian with information about the child, in addition to contact information of the person who brings or retrieves the child. The child displays the form to the driver upon embarking, and keeps the form throughout the journey. Vy encourages to buy a ticket in advance and reserve a seat near the driver. 

You will find more information about children traveling alone here.

1.4 Students

You can buy a student ticket if you are under higher education at a Norwegian college or university. You must be able to present a valid student certificate. Student cards and digital certificates are accepted. Fee for current semester must be paid, and the wafer/receipt for this must be presented.

Students attending high school or secondary school can buy tickets as children (up to 17 years).

For students studying abroad, only ISIC-cards are valid as student certificates. Student discount is not given to participants for short-term evening courses or language courses.

1.5 Display of ticket

Travelers must show the valid ticket/booking number upon boarding. The ticket must be kept for the entire duration of the journey. Shall be displayed on request from the staff. 

1.6 Travel without a valid ticket

Vy has the right to control that travelers have a valid ticket. Travelers who by control do not have a valid ticket will be charged a fee. The fee is currently NOK 950,- if paid on site and NOK 1150,- if the fee is paid later. Upon payment on-sine, the traveler is given a receipt giving entitlement to continue the journey. Disembarking does not exempt the fee. 

1.7 Animals on the bus

Guide dogs, service dogs, police service dogs and rescue dogs in service or training can always travel by bus. The access to having other animals on the bus varies. Details of the individual lines are available here.

1.8 Behaviour during the journey

Travelers are obliged to take other passengers into account and comply with the safety and well-being rules on board the bus.

Smoking and use of alcohol or other drugs is prohibited on the bus. The staff may refuse to bring travelers who are visibly affected by drugs. Travelers bothering other passengers may be asked to leave the bus if they do not comply with the request from the staff. 


2 Travel goods

2.1 Normal luggage 

Travelers can freely carry a hand luggage that is placed under the seat or in the hat rack. If it does not fit you are not allowed to bring your luggage on board. 

In addition to hand luggage, travelers can carry up to 2 luggages per person. Maximum dimensions and weight per package are height (A) + length (B) + depth (C) = 175 cm / 23 kilos. Extra luggage over 2 packages can be pre-ordered or purchased on board the bus if space is available. Luggage must be properly packed and marked as mentioned in section 2.3.

2.2 Baby carriage, ski and special luggage

a) Baby carriage is freely transported if space is available. The driver decides where it should be placed during the journey.

b) Ski or snowboard is considered as a normal luggage bag (one out of two luggage bags allowed) if it is properly packed. 

c) Bicycles and other special luggage must be pre-purchased at vybuss.com.

Maximum dimensions and weight per bag of special luggage is 50 x 60 x 220 cm / 23 kilos. Special luggage includes a golf bag, pulk, surfboard and bicycles. This also applies where the bicycle is packed in a suitable bag.  

d) Firearms are transported if properly packed and secured. The main body and the end of the weapon has to be kept separately. The main part of the weapon will be stored together with any ammunition in the luggage compartment of the bus. The weapons end piece is brought on the bus and shall be contained in the hat department or under a seat. Other weapons are not allowed to transport. 

2.3 Loss of luggage 

Travelers must ensure that they bring their own luggage upon leaving the bus.

Luggage should be clearly marked with name and contact information. Vy is not liable any loss of luggage or damage caused by other travelers. In case of luggage confusion, our customer center will attempt to put the travelers in contact with each other. 

2.4 Freight of goods

Vy offers to transport packages on direct bus lines if space is available. The sender pays for shipping and delivers the package directly to the driver. The recipient must meet at the destination and pick up the goods directly upon arrival.

The package must be clearly marked with the name and phone number of both the sender and the recipient. 

For safety reasons, the driver is entitled to inspect the goods before shipping. The driver may refuse to ship the goods if there is doubts regarding its content. 

Vy does not ship:

  • Fresh produce like meat and fish
  • Hazardous substances, such as fuel, gas, chemicals etc.
  • Animals
  • Large items such as furniture

Unclaimed goods will be stored at one of our departments and has to be retrieved by the sender.  

2.5 Liability and compensation for loss or damage to travel items

The carrier is not liable for loss of or damage to items transported for free of charge, unless there is a negligence on the part of the service. The company`s liability is governed by the Car Responsibility Act of 3 February 1961.

For travel items where shipping has been paid, the carrier is liable for loss or damage affecting the goods from it was placed on the bus till it has reached its destination. However, this is not applicable if the loss or damage is caused by failure or negligence from the traveler who brought the goods. In determining the amount of compensation, the Road Traffic Act of 20 December 1974 will apply. Section 32, second paragraph, of the Act provides that in domestic carriage the compensation may not exceed 17 SDRs per kilogram of lost goods in gross weight. (SDR is an international currency unit, called the special drawing rights, as determined by the International Monetary Fund.)


3 Travelers with disabilities

3.1 Right to transport

Persons with disabilities have the right to travel with Vy as far as it is possible. The traveler must be able to carry out the journey on his own, with his own companion or with the assistance that we can offer on the bus.

Vy wish that travelers with an electric wheelchair give notice to our customer service 36 hours before departure. We ask this to be able to guarantee that the bus is accessible. If notice is less than 36 hours before departure, we will as far is practically possible, try to do adjustments.

3.2 We will only deny transport if:

Persons with disabilities or reduced mobility can only be refused transport if

a) it is necessary to safeguard security rules given in accordance with law or regulation; or

b) the design of the construction of the bus, stop or terminal makes it physically impossible to take the traveler on board. For reasons of safety and the physical design of the bus, the wheelchair can not exceed the following dimensions: length 120 cm, width 70 cm, height 109 cm and total weight 300 kg (incl. user).

If the passenger is denied transport due to circumstances mentioned in the first paragraph letter a) or b), Vy will inform the traveler of alternative transport options and refund the ticket.

3.3 Assistance on the journey

Vy wish that travelers needing assistance give notice to our customer service 36 hours before departure. If notice is less than 36 hours before departure, we will as far as is practically possible, do what we can to assist during the journey.

Travel assistance consists of assistance for boarding and seating. Our staff are not allowed to assist with feeding, medication or toilet visits. If we are not notified within the given time (36 hours) we will try our best to assist the traveler as far as practically possible.

3.4 Companions and dogs

Companions travel for free by showing a valid certificate issued by public authorities. Guide dogs or service dogs travel for free. 


4 Passenger rights if delay or cancelled travel

4.1 Rights on express buses

Should there be any delays in the journey, you have as a passenger rights that will compensate for delay or cancellation. We undertake to do our best to arrive at the right time. Should there be any delays or other failures in our delivery, we will:

  • Give you information about what is happening
  • As soon as possible give information about alternative transport/ routes.
  • Set up alternative transport as far as practicable.

4.2 Refund of alternative transportation

If we can not offer alternative transport at a delay or cancellation of the departure, we will refund your documented expenses for transportation if you exceed:

  • 20 minutes delay on travel for one hour by up to 550 NOK
  • 40 minutes delay on travel between 1 and 3 hours up to 825 NOK
  • 60 minutes delay on travel over 3 hours up to 1100 NOK

For journeys over 3 hours where the delay makes you not arrive before the following day, you will receive accommodation expenses of up to 800 NOK. If there is less than 20 minutes till the next departure you are not entitled to a refund. To claim a refund, please send us a written request.  

Note that you will not be reimbursed for any costs for consequential damages caused by delay.

4.3 Exemption from the right to refund
You will not be refunded if you knew or should have known about the delay or cancellation before you purchased a ticket. You are also not entitled to a refund if the delay or cancellation is due to circumstances beyond our control. This could include unannounced public injunctions and prohibitions, strikes, accidents, roadworks, natural disasters, and exceptional and unforeseen weather conditions (such as heavy snowfall, racing, flood or extraordinarily slippery roads).

4.4 Refund of ticket expenses if delay or cancellation 

If we have reason to believe that the trip is canceled or delayed by more than two hours, we will offer you the choice of continuing the trip on a comparable basis, free of charge, as far as is practicable, or refunding the ticket fee. You are not required to refund ticket fees if you are reimbursed for alternative transport as mentioned in section 4.2.

5 Reimbursement of unused bus ticket due to illness

Only cancellation insurance entitles you to cancellation with a refund. If you do not have cancellation insurance and are unable to travel due to illness, you must contact your travel insurance company. If necessary, we can give you a written confirmation that you didn’t use your ticket.

6 Complaints

Requests for reimbursement of expenses for alternative transport, refund of ticket expenses or complaints on the trip must be made in writing within one month from the date of the trip. Refunds or complaints need to be sent to buss@vy.no. Within one month of receiving a request, we will confirm whether the claim or complaint is submitted, rejected or evaluated. Final response will be given within three months from the date we received the request. If, after contacting us, you do not feel your complaint is resolved, you can make an appeal to the Transport Appeal Board.