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Travel to Bergen by bus

Bergen serves as a gateway to the Norwegian fjords. This town gives you an unique combination of culture, nature and interesting city experiences all year round. 

Bergen is a big city with a small town charm and has an atmosphere full of tradition and history.

Bergen - Gateway to the Norwegian fjords

The fjords are Scandinavias number 1. tourist attraction. This is one of the reasons to why Bergen is one of Europe`s largest cruise ports. 

The sea has crossed and crossed into Norway's long coast and given us a nature with many facets. Here the falls descend along the mountain sides, the everlasting snow shines at the top, the grass glitters down to the fjord. In the spring, blooming fruit trees become a gorgeous sight over the landscape. It is not without reason that the fjords are listed on Unesco's famous world heritage site. Between the longest fjord in the world and one of the world's most beautiful, Sognefjord and the Hardanger Fjord, Bergen is the best starting point for nature experiences.

The tour "Norway in a nutshell" gives you fjords and mountains in one day, all year and can be booked at visitbergen.com.

Source: visitbergen.com


Things to do in Bergen: 

  • Ulriken
    Enjoy spectacular scenery and mountain terrain 643 metres above the city streets.
  • Visit the aquarium 
    The aquarium has animals such as penguins, seals as well as excotic snakes and other reptiles. 
  • Mount Fløien
    A quick and easy way to get out of town and up the mountain. The trip up the railroad cable car is completed in 6-7 minutes. Once on top you have great views over the city and numerous hiking opportunities.
  • Explore Bryggen
    The German Bridge,also referred to as "Hansabryggen" consists of old hanseatic woodland in central Bergen, where 61 protected buildings are located. Enter Bryggen Tracteursted for some Norwegian tapas and a local beer.
  • Discover "Skostredet"
    This secluded pedestrian street contains everything from gourmet food to coffee shops, second-hand shops and pubs. 

Source: nettavisen.no 

VY450+R41/R45 Sogndal - Bergen

Travel from Sogndal to Bergen with Vy.

Travel time: 4h 30m
Departures: Multiple daily departures.

Please note
Starting from 24. June customers travelling between Sogndal and Bergen must combine bus and train, when travelling with Vy. 

The distance Sogndal - Voss will be by bus, and Voss - Bergen by train.

You can buy combination tickets for bus and train at nettbuss.com or by using the Nettbuss app.

VY430 Ålesund - Bergen 

Travel from Ålesund to Bergen with VY430 Vy express. 

Travel time: 9h 
Departures: 11:10am from Ålesund Rutebilstasjon.

See our timetables and line map here