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Vy Bus4You and Vy express will take you to a number of desinations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. There are 17 bus lines including almost 1400 bus stops in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. 

Where can I buy the ticket?

When you are going to travel with Vy Bus4You and Vy express you need to purchase a ticket prior to departure. For swedish travels the ticket can not be purchased on board the bus (with exception for the bus line operating traffic between Västerås and Arlanda airport). In norwegian travels you can buy tickets on the bus, but if you buy in advance the price is usually cheaper and you are secured a seat.

Tickets can be bought through nettbuss.com, via telephone +46771-151515 (Sweden) alternatively +47 407 05 070 (Norway) or at any of our resellers. 

Our cheapest tickets are available through nettbuss.com. If you choose to buy your ticket through any of our resellers an additional fee will be included.

Buy the ticket from a vending machine

In Oslo, Gothenburg, Örebro, Stockholm, Västerås and at Arlanda airport there are ticket vending machines close to the bus stop. The ticket price is as profiable when purchasing through nettbuss.com. 


Bus stops 

Line map for Vy express (Norway)
Bus stops for Vy Bus4You and Vy express (Sweden)

As Vy express operates over 1300 stops, the line map contains only some. For detailed trip info search your trip at the top of the page.