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Travel to Norrkoping by bus

Nettbuss Bus4You operates daily between Gothenburg and Stockholm via Norrköping. From Norrköping you can travel to Stockholm, Linköping Jönköping, Borås and Gothenburg. Nettbuss Bus4You is operating daily to Malmö from Oslo, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Lund, Borås and Jönköping.

Nettbuss Bus4You is offering:
- large comfortable seats
- spacious seats for stretching your legs
- free wifi
- power sockets
- Opportunity of sitting alone or together with your favorite company
- 98% punctuality

Nettbuss Bus4You has the highest customer satisfaction ratings in Sweden according to surveys made by Svenskt Kvalitetsindex, SKI. Eight years in a row Nettbuss Bus4You has received the highest score within the private transport business which includes train companies, flight companies and bus companies. All travels which are operated by Nettbuss Bus4You are approved as environmentally friendly which is shown by the symbol Bra Miljöval of Naturskyddsföreningen. Nettbuss as a company is certified within the transport business align with ISO 39001:2012. Tickets with the lowest prices are always to be found online through nettbuss.se but you are also welcome to buy your ticket through any of our resellers or through calling us at +46771-151515.


Travel to and from Norrköping with Nettbuss express

With Nettbuss express you are traveling at a really low cost in standard comfort express buses. On the bus there is free wifi and power sockets. Nettbuss express is operating between Gothenburg and Stockholm via Norrköping. With Nettbuss express you can find low cost tickets to Gothenburg, Borås, Jönklöping, Mjölby, Linköping and Stockholm. We offer travels with the lowest tickets prices in the market and the tickets for these trips you can find through our website Nettbuss.se, through our resellers or by telephone +46771-151515.


Norrköping is the eight largest city in Sweden beautifully located by Bråviken. Motala Ström is a river flooding through the city which was a power source for both industries and grinders during many years. On an islet in the middle of Motala Ström there is a building called Strykjärnet, where the museum, Arbetets museum, is a place worth visiting. Other cultural experiences are visiting the art museum, the city museum, Östgötateatern or the symphony orchestra of Norrköping.

If you are planning on having a nice dinner in Norrköping there is something for every taste. The easter part of Sweden, called Östergötland, has many fantastic raw materials to offer and to be served. There are some really nice restaurants in Norrköping, for example The Lamp Restaurant with a brilliant menu and also the charming Italian restaurant Pappa Grappa is nice to visit. Everything is here for you to choose – greek, italian, rustic or gourmet food.

Since there are a lot of lakes and other water courses in Norrköping the options for taking a swim are many. Another nice place to visit is the zoo, Kålmårdens djurpark which is fun for both children and adults. If you like shopping you will find a great offerings of stores and boutiques in the city center. Other shopping recommendations are the quarters of Knäppingsborg or in the old quarters in the old town, or maybe the area of Hageby or Ingelsta is tempting. In Norrköping there is a fun mixture of modern stores, galleries and charming boutiques. 

Would you like to read more about what to explore when visiting Norrköping? Please click here to get to the official homepage of Norrköping.

Source reference: upplev.norrköping.se