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Travel to Malmo by bus

Nettbuss Bus4You operates daily to Malmö from Oslo, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Lund, Borås and Jönköping. 

Nettbuss Bus4You is offering:
- large comfortable seats
- spacious seats for stretching your legs
- free wifi
- power sockets
- Opportunity of sitting alone or together with your favorite company
- 98% punctuality

Nettbuss Bus4You has the highest customer satisfaction ratings in Sweden according to surveys made by Svenskt Kvalitetsindex, SKI. Eight years in a row Nettbuss Bus4You has received the highest score within the private transport business which includes train companies, flight companies and bus companies. All travels which are operated by Nettbuss Bus4You are approved as environmentally friendly which is shown by the symbol Bra Miljöval of Naturskyddsföreningen. Nettbuss as a company is certified within the transport business align with ISO 39001:2012. Tickets with the lowest prices are always to be found online through nettbuss.se but you are also welcome to buy your ticket through any of our resellers or through calling us at +46771-151515.


Traveling to and from Malmö with Nettbuss express

With Nettbuss express you are traveling at a really low cost in standard comfort express buses. On the bus there is free wifi and power sockets. Nettbuss express is operating daily to Malmö from Oslo, Sarpsborg, Moss, Tanum, Uddevalla and Gothenburg and also from Copenhagen and Helsingborg. Nettbuss express is operating the route to Stockholm, Norrköping, Linköping, Mjölby, Jönköping, Borås and Gothenburg. We offer bus travels with the lowest market prices and the tickets for these trips you always find at our website Nettbuss.se. 



With around 300 000 inhabitants Malmö is the third largest town in Sweden and the sixth largest among the Nordic countries. Within the urban center almost 700 000 inhabitants live. Malmö together with Copenhagen among others are included in the area called Öresundsregionen. 

Cultural experiences

There is a rich offering of cultural experiences in Malmö. There are also plenty of restaurants, cafés and other places worth visiting. There are always many happenings to take part of, maybe a small event or a bigger concert with world artists is tempting for you. For the one who is interested about culture there are many options of exhibitions, concerts, theaters and much more. If you are in to classical music the concert house in Malmö is very pleasant. There are also other clubs playing all kind of music, like Kulturbolaget, Babel and Debaser. At Malmö arena the largest concerts are located. The theatrical scenes are Malmö Stadsteater, Nöjesteatern and Victoriateatern where the latter has a broad offering of theatre, music events and movies. At the opera in Malmö operas, operettes and musicals are played. Other musicals, cabarets and shows are set up at the Luftkastellet in Slagthuset and at Nöjesteatern. If none of this is interesting there are also yearly festivals – Malmöfestivalen and Vinterland. The sports events are available to visit at the Swedbank Stadion and Malmö Arena. 


In Malmö there is an magnificent architecture and the most famous building is probably the Turning Torso, which is made by cubes twisting towards the water and the surroundings. It is located in the harbour, Västra Hamnen, since august 2005. This building is the highest skyscraper in the Northern Europe.

Family activities

The children would probably appreciate a visit at the zoo, Skånes Djurpark, which is the world’s biggest one showing Nordic animals. At the modern museum there are often family activities which are great occasions for children and their parents to create artwork and explore different materials together. There are also other shows which are suitable for all ages. 

Would you like to know more about activities in Malmö? Please click here to be directed to the official tourist guide of Malmö. 

Source reference: malmotown.com and malmo.se