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Travel to Karlstad by bus

Nettbuss Bus4You is operating about 16 times a day between Karlstad and Arlanda Airport, in each direction. There are two bus stops in Karlstad, for departures and arrivals, which are located at Karlstad bus station and Karlstad train station.

From Karlstad we drive further to Kristinehamn, Karlskoga, Örebro and Västerås. You are traveling in great comfort directly to Arlanda Airport. During some days of the week you are able to travel from Karlstad to Oslo, all the way to final stop at the bus terminal in Oslo. 

Nettbuss Bus4You is offering:
- large comfortable seats
- spacious seats for stretching your legs
- free wifi
- power sockets
- Opportunity of sitting alone or together with your favorite company
- 98% punctuality

Nettbuss Bus4You has the highest customer satisfaction ratings in Sweden according to surveys made by Svenskt Kvalitetsindex, SKI. Seven years in a row Nettbuss Bus4You has received the highest score within the private transport business which includes train companies, flight companies and bus companies. All travels which are operated by Nettbuss Bus4You are approved as environmentally friendly which is shown by the symbol Bra Miljöval of Naturskyddsföreningen. Nettbuss as a company is certified within the transport business align with ISO 39001:2012. Tickets with the lowest prices are always to be found online through nettbuss.se but you are also welcome to buy your ticket through any of our resellers or through calling us at +46771-151515.



Since the 18th century Karlstad is well known as the city of sun. Thanks to a special woman, called Eva-Lisa Holtz, a nice lady with an overwhelming happy spirit and welcoming attitude was called by the nickname Sola i Karlstad (the sun in Karlstad). She was a very ambitious and engaged person who started a pub and became a respected lady in the city. Today a statue made by Herman Reijers is placed outside the city hotel nearby Klarälven, which is the most beautiful place in Karlstad. Sola has, together with the logotype of Karlstad, made from a drawing by Lasse Sandberg, made Karlstad knows as the city of the sun. The location of the city, nearby Vänern which is the biggest lake in Sweden, is the reason why there are more sunny hours in Karlstad compared to other cities in Sweden. Karlstad is usually the town with the most amount of sunny hours. 

Karlstad, or Tingvalla which is the old name of the city, has been an important trade and market place since the 13th century. Still today the commercial businesses are of great importance, and is continuously increasing both centrally but also outsite the city center where shopping malls are built. The university of Karlstad is one of the youngest and most modern in Sweden and  the students are synonymous with the development of the city. 

Spending time in Karlstad is synonymous with being by the water. You are almost always just at walking distance to see the water and in the summer time it is also possible to travel by bus on the waters. There are also so called boat buses who are operating both Klarälven and part of the archipelago in Vänern. Maybe for the brave one a bath in the river might be tempting or if you have dinner plans maybe the harbour is more sutiable for a mellow evening and supper. 

If you are interested in culture Karlstad is the right city to visit. The opera, Wermland Opera, has a full schedule of world class operas and musicals. The museum, Värmlands museum, has exciting and unique exhibitions. A visit to Alsters herrgård is telling about the history of Gustaf Fröding and Sandgrund is the birth place of Lars Lerin, who is the most famous artist of aquarells in the northern Europe. These places, together with other smaller exciting galleris, theaters and boutiques of hand crafts is contributing to the heritage and history of Gustaf Fröding, Nils Ferlin and Selma Lagerlöf. 

Within an hour you may travel to other parts of Värmland, where there are cultural experiences and magnificent nature. Selma Lagerlöfs Mårbacka, Sliperiet i Borgvik, Glaskogen, Ransäterstämman, Kristinehamns konstmuseum, Rottneros park, Västanå teater, Rackstamuseet och Klässbols linneväveri to mention a few places worth visiting. You do not want to forget about all the garden boutiques, ateljeer and galleries. 

In Karlstad you are also able to attend concerts, art, musicals and operas or maybe a sports event. During summertime there are events as Putte i Parken, one of the most pleasant music festivals in Sweden and there is also the gala of athletics called Karlstad Grand Prix. In Karlstad there is a yearly event – world cup rally – Rally Sweden. This is a winter festival with lot of speed and a great rally to watch. 

Would you like to have more information about happenings in Karlstad? Please click here to get to the official homepage of Karlstad. 
Source reference: visitkarlstad.se