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Travel to Lom by bus

Seven of Norway's ten highest mountains are located in Lom, among them the tallest, Galdhøpiggen. Whilst visiting Lom you can take guided tours to caves, mountains and mountain peaks.

Besides the many natural experiences Lom has to offer, the Bakeriet in Lom is the largest tourist magnet in the city. Here you can buy the world's best cinnamon rivals.

Lom stave church

Lom Stavkirke is Norway's oldest and most visited stave church. The church was built in the middle of the 1100s, and has since been the main church in Lom.

A tour of Lom Stavkirke is nice to combine with coffee or a lunch stop in Lom. The church is open every day during the summer season. 

VY146 Oslo - Lom

Travel from Oslo to Lom with VY146 Vy express. Evening departures are driven with a double decker with extra comfort.

Travel time: Roughly 6h.
Avganger: Multiple daily departures.


VY146 Måløy - Lom 

Travel from Måløy to Lom with VY146 Vy express. 

Travel time: Roughly 4h.
Departures: Multiple daily destinations. 


VY146 Ulsteinvik - Lom 

Travel from Ulsteinvik to Lom with VY146 Vy express. 

Travel time: Roughly 4h. 
Departures: Multiple daily departures. 

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