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Travel to Geiranger by bus

Geiranger has an adventure landscape with its majestic mountains, wild waterfalls and the deep blue Geirangerfjord. With its distinctive S-shape, the fjord is known as the jewl itself among the Norwegian fjords.

Geiranger offers many beautiful nature experiences and has been named the best travel destination in Scandinavia by Lonely Planet.  


VY146 Oslo - Stryn - Geiranger

Travel from Oslo to Stryn med VY146 Vy express. During the summer months we set up a corresponding bus from Strynefjellet.

See our timetables and line map here >> 


Attractions and activities

Geiranger Skywalk - Dalsnibba
This is Europe's highest fjord view from the highway. With the new spectacular platform, Geiranger Skywalk, you are guaranteed an airy experience. It is perhaps the world's finest view - 1500 meters above sea level.

You get an unforgettable view of the wild snowy mountains, clean air and world heritage - all at the same time.

Ørnevegen is the name of the steep road route from Geiranger towards Eidsdal on the highway 63. Here the road slopes from the Geirangerfjord and up to the highest point of the 620 m.o.h stretch at Korsmyra.

The top of Ørnessvingen is organized so that you can really enjoy the magnificent view of Geiranger, Geirangerfjorden, the Seven Sisters waterfall and the Knivsflå mountain range, or watch the many cruise ships in the fjord below.

Flydalsjuvet offers an impressive view over Geiranger and the fjord. Flydalsjuvet has for a number of years been one of the most used photo motives in marketing Norway as a travel destination - it is definitely worth a visit! 

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