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About Vy bus operation

Statistics show that people travel more often and longer for each year. Since the 1960's the number of travels has increased and extended by four times. Public transportation is represented by 10 percent of the total amount travels that are made, where most travelers choose to go by bus. Two third of all public transportations are made by bus. 

Largest bus company in Norway 

Vy is the largest bus company in Norway and also second largest bus company in Scandinavia, operating in Norway and Sweden. 

Today there are approximately 3300 buses and 7400 employees working within Vy. Each year around 113 million people travel with Vy which is generating a turn over about 6 billions per year.

The business concept of Vy 

Vy is offering private transport of as good quality as possible with consideration of cost efficiency at all levels. Through cost efficient achivements our ambition is to attract more people to the public transportation alternatives. This in turn increases the traffic safety and reduces the negative environmental effect. 

On a daily basis our main focus is to have more people traveling with Vy. When traveling together and more efficiently we are lowering the negative effects of the environment compared to separate car transportation with one passenger in each car. Our work efforts are focused on transportation alternatives where the public welfare is prioritized as well as diminishing the negative effects on the environment and the public health. Our business is evident for the sustainable community to stay sustainable which is why all our achivements on a daily basis are of great importance. 

Every day we are working to deliver the best travel experience for you -before, during and after your travel. We are driving for you!