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Traveling conditions (Sweden)

Travelling conditions (Sweden)

Rights of Passengers in Bus and Coach Transport

- applies to travel distances at 150 kilometers or longer (though shorter than 250 kilometers) 

Passenger Rights under Regulation (EU) No. 181/2011.pdf 

General travel terms for travel distances shorter than 150 kilometers

Lagen om kollektivtrafikresenärens rättigheter.pdf

Travel terms Nettbuss Travel AB

The travel terms of Nettbuss Travel AB are not valid for travels with other carrier's vehicles and / or traveling with any other transport besides bus. This applies for purchases where Nettbuss is the reseller, as shown on the ticket. Subcontractors and cooperating partners of Nettbuss Travel with applicable travel terms are listed below.

If you travel with Nettbuss Norway, other terms apply. Take part of them by clicking here.

If you travel with BT Bus, other travel terms apply. Take part of them by clicking here.   

Travel with subcontractor/cooperate partner of Nettbuss Travel
Nettbuss Travel is responsible for the subcontractors which are hired for fulfilling the obligations towards the traveler. The travel terms of Nettbuss Travel apply where subcontractors are hired in by Nettbuss Travel.

All travelers must have a valid travel document. It should be shown when boarding and kept throughout the entire journey. Ticket must be purchased prior to departure *. The cheapest tickets are available for purchases through our website nettbuss.se. Tickets can also be purchased from our resellers and by telephone. If you buy the ticket over the counter or by telephone, the extra cost is approximately 12% of the ticket price per purchase. The minimum administration fee is 20 SEK. Everyone who is booking a ticket for a specific departure is guaranteed a seat on the bus. You are responsible for the accuracy of the information you register during the purchase process. When purchase is completed the booking confirmation will be delivered to the submitted e-mail address and to your mobile telephone (when adding SMS confirmation to your purchase).

* Exceptions apply for the bus line Västerås-Arlanda airport, where ticket sale with an additional fee is available on board when there are available seats. 

Ticket discount
If you purchase a discounted ticket your age must be confirmed through a valid identification document. A student ticket must be validated with a student card together with a valid identification document. The validation of a ticket must be available throughout the entire journey. The student cards we accept can be found here.

Our ticket categories are divided as follows; Children 0-6 years, Children 7-15 years, Youth 16-25 years, Student, Adults 26-64 years, Senior 65+ years

Tickets for children
For comfort and safety reasons children traveling with Nettbuss Bus4You and Nettbuss express must have their own ticket and seat. The child ticket is discounted up to 20% on all departures. Limited number of seatbelt cushions are available for lending on trips driven by our regular buses. Children younger than 7 years are not allowed to travel alone and can not therefore be booked separately without company by any other passenger with another ticket category. 

Ticket control
Discounts must be confirmed prior to purchase and at ticket control. The traveler is responsible to check that the information on the ticket is consistent with the distance, time and date ordered. We charge 800 SEK when traveling without a valid travel document or traveling at a discounted price that you are not entitled to.

Rights of regret
Bus tickets are not included in the rights of regret. 

Cancellation assurance and cancellation
Tickets can be purchased with or without cancellation assurance. Ticket with cancellation assurance can be canceled up to two hours before departure. When a ticket is lacking the assurance the option of cancellation is not available. It is only possible to purchase cancellation insurance during the booking process. Rebooking is not included in our services. 

  • If you have bought a round trip, both trips/ways gets cancelled. 
  • If you have a booking for more than one person, you can select which passengers to cancel. 
  • If you bought the ticket with Nettbuss account balance, you will not get a refund.
  • Cancellation insurance and other add ons will not be refunded. 

Tickets purchased through a reseller can only be canceled via a reseller. Tickets purchased through our website nettbuss.se/nettbuss.com can only be canceled via the website. A ticket purchased via telephone can only be canceled by telephone. Please note that the cost amount of a cancellation assurance is not refundable upon cancellation.

Pets onboard
Small pets may be carried onboard the bus when traveling in suitable cages that fit the size of the bus seat. Please note that a child ticket 0-6 years is the ticket category to be chosen for the pet. Guide dogs travel free of charge.

Bus stops
You are responsible to be on time waiting at the correct bus stop prior to departure. All travelers must be located at the boarding bus stop at least 10 minutes before departure for placing the luggage and take seat on board. Boarding and disembarking are not allowed at any other bus stops than those who are planned for during the travel. 

Travel connections
When purchasing a ticket with connection(s) you receive (1) booking reference number for the entire journey. We are not responsible for connections with other traffic operators or connecting flights. 

Border control
You are responsible to be aware of the rules regarding border controls including valid ID documents. If you are uncertain of the rules please visit the Swedish police webpage www.polisen.se.

If you are in need of special assistance to be able to travel with us, please contact us via e-mail info@nettbuss.se or via +46771-151515. Please note that we need your notification at least 36 hours before departure to be able to help you at our best effort. 

Comfort onboard
Cold food and drinks may be consumed on the bus, but please pay attention to your fellow travelers and leave the place in a pleasant condition. Hot food is not allowed to bring or consume on board. Please avoid bringing nuts onboard with respect for travelers with allergies. Mobile phones, laptops and other electronic equipment may be used on board. Please show consideration to your fellow travelers.

Smoking is not allowed on board nor in the toilet facility. Smoking prohibitions also include e-cigarettes. Alcohol may not be consumed on the bus. We reserve the right to refuse travelers who are alcohol- or drug affected disturbing the order.

Information about the facilities on board are shown as pictograms during the booking process and on your ticket. An explanation of the pictogram is shown when hovering the pointer over the pictogram.

If anything promised is missing, please find more information stated in "Complaints" and "Comfort Facility Change".

Internet connection
WiFi is available on all Nettbuss Bus4You and Nettbuss express departures. At some occasions there are subcontractors operating in traffic without any WiFi-connection. When selecting a departure during the booking process, the brand name and the facilities on board are displayed. In the absence of internet, no WiFi-icon (pictogram) will be displayed at the time of booking.

Power sockets
Power sockets (220V and/or USB) are available on all Nettbuss Bus4You buses. On Nettbuss express a limited number of power outlets are available. 

Toilets are available on board all buses. In case of a non-functioning toilet, we offer a certain amount of the ticket price as compensation which is reimbursed to your personal Premium account. 

Luggage items
Travel luggage is limited to (1) normal sized luggage item and (1) carry-on luggage with maximum dimensions of 40 x 30 x 20cm. All valuables should be carried as hand luggage. The hand luggage shall be placed under the seat or on the hat rack to avoid any interfering of space for other travelers. The total luggage weight of these (2) items may not exceed 25 kg. 

If you wish to carry an additional normal sized luggage you are welcome to choose extra luggage as an additional product, either during the booking process or as an add-on product post ticket purchase. The weight of extra luggage must not exceed 25 kg.

If you wish to bring a pair of skis / a snowboard, a golf bag or an instrument you are welcome to choose a special luggage in addition to a ticket purchase or post purchase as an add-on product. The weight of the special luggage may not exceed 20 kg.

A stroller, wheelchair or walker may be included free of cost and should be placed in the luggage compartment. Same rules as for luggage / extra luggage / special luggage also apply to this type of luggage.

You are responsible for the management of the luggage / hand luggage / extra luggage / special luggage. All luggage placed in the luggage compartment shall be marked with name, address and telephone number.

Valuables or cash may not be stored in the luggage compartment of the bus. The maximum value of the total amount of luggage may not exceed 15% of a price base amount. In case of damaged or lost luggage, please contact the driver immediately. In case of lost luggage complete the form regarding lost items here. If the luggage is found it will be returned against an administrative fee of 100 SEK plus eventual cost for shipping. We do not take any special responsibility for freight cost.

Goods are not transported on board our buses.

Bicycles are not allowed on our buses. The prohibition applies to all departures operated by Nettbuss Bus4You or Nettbuss express (Nettbuss Travel AB).

Weapons may not be taken on board or transported on our buses. 

Changes in comfort level or facilities
In case of change of comfort or lack of facilities, a percentage of your ticket price is offered as a refund voucher. 

Reimbursement of fare
In cases where we can not keep what was promised, we offer you compensation in the form of a refund voucher/credit that can be used for booking an upcoming trip and available through a Premium membership account. If you do not already have a Premium membership account, you will be asked to create one when the compensation is to be refunded. The reimbursement apply for a ticket where Nettbuss Bus4You or Nettbuss express is operating. The refund amount is valid for 3 months from the date of reimbursement unless other is stated.

Compensation for lost work earnings is not compensated. Any expenses for taxi will not be refunded.

In case of delay the compensation is based on delay time, reason for delay, and length of travel. Please note that the length of the journey is the entire bus line in our own traffic.

Terms of delay regarding travel distances longer than 150 kilometers
In case of delay of 60 minutes or more, we will refund the full ticket price which is equal to (1) travel corresponding with the one originally booked.  The compensation is paid in the form of a refund voucher/credit valid for 3 months from the date of reimbursement. Delays shorter than 120 minutes caused by weather, traffic disturbance, border controls or such beyond our control are not refunded. In the event of a delay by 120 minutes or more, you will have the opportunity to get the full ticket price times two, which is equal to (2) travels corresponding to the ticket originally booked. This applies to all travels whatever reason causing the delay.

Complaints must be sent within three (3) months after the trip. Complaints can be sent by e-mail to: info@nettbuss.se

Alternatively by post: 

Nettbuss Travel AB
Polhemsplatsen 5
411 11 Gothenburg

The complaint must contain a brief description about the reason for reclamation. If you need help with your complaint, please contact us at +46771-151515.

In case of dispute please contact The National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN);

E-mail: arn@arn.se

Postal address: Box 174, 10123 Stockholm

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