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Traveling conditions (Sweden)

Travelling conditions (Sweden)

General conditions of carriage for scheduled bus services pursuant to the Bus Passenger Regulation (181/2011).

- applies to travel distances at 150 kilometers or longer (though shorter than 250 kilometers) 

Passenger Rights under Regulation (EU) No. 181/2011.pdf 

General conditions of carriage applicable to journeys on scheduled bus services of less than 150km

Lagen om kollektivtrafikresenärens rättigheter.pdf

Travel terms Vy Travel AB (With Vy Bus4You and Vy express)

The conditions of carriage for Vy Travel AB (corporate registration number: 556730-2418) do not apply to travel on other transportation companies’ vehicles and/or to travel with other modes of transportation if, according to what is set out on the ticket for the journey, Vy Travel AB has only sold the journey in its capacity as a retailer. The relevant companies and their conditions of carriage are provided below. 

For travel with Vy Buss Norge, alternative conditions of carriage apply. Read Vy Buss Norge’s conditions of carriage

For travel with BT Buss, alternative conditions of carriage apply. Read BT Buss’s conditions of carriage

For travel with Skaraborgaren, alternative conditions of carriage apply. Read Skaraborgaren’s conditions of carriage

Travel with subcontractors/partners operating on behalf of Vy

Vy Travel AB is responsible for the subcontractors that Vy Travel AB engages to fulfil its obligations to the passenger, and Vy Travel AB’s conditions of carriage apply to journeys undertaken with subcontractors that are engaged to operate on behalf of Vy Travel AB.


Tickets must always be purchased prior to departure*. It is always cheapest to buy our tickets at vy.se. Tickets can also be bought from our retailers or by phone. If you buy a ticket over the counter or by phone, it will cost approximately 12 per cent more per purchase. The minimum administration fee is SEK 20. Anyone who has booked a ticket for a specific departure with us is guaranteed a seat on the bus. Tickets are only valid for the time and route that the ticket has been purchased for. You are responsible for ensuring that the details provided when purchasing the ticket are correct. A booking confirmation will be sent to the email address provided and, where applicable, your mobile number (when purchasing an SMS ticket). 

*Exceptions apply to the Västerås-Arlanda Airport route where tickets may also be bought on board, subject to capacity. A service fee will be applied to on board purchases of tickets.  

Discounted travel

All passengers must have a valid ticket. This should be shown upon boarding and retained throughout the journey. When buying a discounted ticket, passengers should be able to document their age with valid identification, and students should be able to document their student-status with valid student ID and personal identification. These forms of identification must be available throughout the journey. Check which student cards we accept.

Our ticketing categories are divided as follows: Children 0–6 years old; Children 7–15 years old; Young People 16–25 years old; Students; Adults 26–64 years old; Seniors 65+ years old. 

Children's tickets

Children travelling with Vy Bus4You and Vy express should always have their own ticket for safety reasons, as well as to ensure peace of mind. They therefore have their own seat. Children’s tickets are discounted by up to 20 per cent on all departures.

Children under the age of 3 years old must not wear a seat belt on board our buses. By law, children over the age of 3 years old must wear a seat belt throughout the journey. The regular seat belts on the bus must be used. A limited number of seat belt cushions are available to borrow on services operated by our regular buses.

Children under the age of 7 years old cannot travel alone, and must therefore always be accompanied by someone else in another ticket category.

Ticket checks

If you wish to avail yourself of a discount, you must document your entitlement to this prior to purchasing your ticket and when your ticket is checked. The passenger is responsible for checking that all information on the ticket corresponds to the route, time and date that has been ordered. A penalty charge of SEK 800 will be due from any passenger travelling without a valid ticket, or travelling using a discount that they are not entitled to.

Right of withdrawal

Bus tickets are not covered by the right of withdrawal. However, if you contact our customer service within four hours after the purchase of your ticket, we may assist you with a refund if you wish to cancel, regardless of the reason for the cancelation. 

Cancellation protection and cancellation

Cancellation protection may only be bought when purchasing a ticket. Cancellation protection allows a ticket to be cancelled until two hours prior to departure. The ticket will be cancelled when processing a cancellation. If your ticket covers one or more parts of a journey, the whole trip will be cancelled. Cancellation protection will not be refunded in the event of cancellation. 

Cancellation protection may only be used once and in the event that the ticket is amended, the cancellation protection will be used. 

If you have a ticket for several passengers travelling on the same ticket number, you can cancel for one or more of the party.

Tickets booked at vy.se should be cancelled at vy.se, tickets booked at bus4you.se should be cancelled at bus4you.se, tickets booked at vybuss.com should be cancelled at vybuss.com and tickets booked at vybuss.no should be cancelled at vybuss.no. Tickets bought from a retailer or by phone should be cancelled with the retailer or by phone, respectively. 


You can rebook your ticket up to two hours prior to the time of departure on your current ticket. If you have cancellation insurance then you can rebook your ticket at no extra charge up to two times. Please note that following the second rebooking, you will no longer have cancellation insurance for your ticket and it will not be possible to receive a refund in the event of cancellation. In the event of cancellation, our standard cancellation rules will apply. 

If you bought a ticket without cancellation protection on bus4you.se and wish to rebook on bus4you.se, the cost is SEK 39 per person and per rebooking plus any difference. If you bought a ticket without cancellation protection on vy.se, you can rebook your ticket via our ticket office for an additional service fee plus any difference.

If you purchased a specific seat as part of your original ticket purchase, this will not remain in place when you rebook. If you wish to book a specific seat for your new trip, you must purchase this in connection with your rebooking. However, if you have purchase extra luggage or special luggage then these will remain in place when rebooking. 

When rebooking your ticket, you can choose to travel in Plus or Economy. If you have an Economy ticket and wish to buy a Plus ticket then you must pay the fare difference.  

If you choose to rebook onto a departure with a lower price then you will not receive a refund of the fare difference. If you choose to rebook onto a ticket that is more expensive than your original ticket, you must pay the fare difference.  

If you have a ticket for several passengers travelling on the same ticket number, then you must rebook for all passengers during the rebooking process.   

If you have a return ticket, you can choose to rebook either the outbound or return journey, or both segments. Rebooking fees are only due per rebooking occasion and are based on the number of people on the ticket.  

Tickets booked at vybuss.com can be rebooked at vybuss.com and tickets booked at vybuss.no can be rebooked at vybuss.no. Tickets bought at bus4you.se can be rebooked at bus4you.se. Tickets bought from retailers or by phone can be rebooked via the retailer or by phone respectively. 


Smaller pets are allowed on the bus. They must travel in a cage that is not larger than it can fit on one seat (maximum dimensions 50 x 40 x 40 cm). You then need to buy the additional service "Pets" which works as a ticket, and book one of our double seats so that the cage can be placed on the locked seat next to you.

Guide dog can be brought free of charge. For other service dogs, contact customer service before departure.


The passenger is responsible for establishing at what time and from which stop the bus departs. All passengers must be present at least 10 minutes prior to departure to ensure there is time to load luggage and take their seats on board. Boarding and disembarkation anywhere other than those stops indicated in our timetable and for which the journey is booked are not permitted.


If you have purchased a journey with one or more connections, you will be issued with a ticket number for the journey. We are solely responsible for connections when a journey is booked as a through ticket on the same occasion. Connections with other operators or with flights are not our responsibility. 

Border crossings and checks

Passengers are responsible for familiarising themselves with the rules applicable to border crossing and ensuring they have approved documents with them during their journey. If you are unsure of which identity documents may apply, visit polisen.se.

Accessibility for the disabled

Are you planning to travel with us and have a disability? Please contact us no later than 36 hours before departure to ensure we can help you in the best way possible. 

Comfort on board

Cold food, coffee and drinks and may be consumed on our buses, but please show consideration for your fellow passengers and leave your seat neat and tidy. Hot food may not be brought on board or consumed on the bus. The consumption of nuts should be avoided as there may be passengers with allergies. 

Mobile phones, laptops and other electronic equipment may be used on board, but consideration should be shown towards other passengers. 

Smoking is not permitted on board and this restriction also applies to the toilet. The smoking ban also covers e-cigarettes. Alcohol may not be consumed on the bus. 

We reserve the right to refuse passengers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or who are otherwise causing disruption to public order. 


WiFi is available on all Vy Bus4You departures.  Vy express (formerly known as Nettbuss express) services are operated by hired in buses that may not have WiFi. When selecting your departure, the booking process will show which partner is responsible for operating the service and which facilities are available on board. If there is no internet access, then there will be no WiFi symbol shown during booking.

Power outlets

Power outlets (220V and/or USB) are available on all Vy Bus4You buses. A limited number of power outlets are available on Vy express services.


Toilets are available on board all buses. In the event of a non-functioning toilet, we will offer a certain portion of the ticket price as compensation. This will be paid as a voucher that can be used for a future journey. 


A maximum of one normal-sized suitcase and one piece of hand luggage per paying passenger may be brought on the bus. Total luggage weight cannot exceed 25 kg. Hand luggage cannot measure more than 40 x 30 x 20 cm. Hand luggage may not impede on other people’s space or obstruct the aisle on the bus, and should be placed under the seat in front or on the luggage rack where available. 

Passengers who wish to bring an additional normal-sized piece of luggage may select extra luggage during the ticket purchase process as an additional product. The extra piece of luggage must not exceed 25 kg. 

Passengers who wish to bring skis/snowboard, golf bags or a musical instrument must select special luggage as an additional product when making their ticket purchase. The special luggage must not exceed 20 kg.

A buggy, walking frame or wheelchair may be carried free of charge and will be placed in the luggage compartment. The same rules apply in terms of luggage/extra luggage to this type of luggage.

The passenger is responsible for their own luggage/hand luggage/extra luggage/special luggage and handling it. All luggage placed in the luggage compartment should be marked with the passenger’s name, address and phone number. 

Valuables and cash cannot be carried in the bus luggage compartment. The maximum value of all luggage must not exceed 15 per cent of a basic amount. Contact the driver immediately in the event of damaged or lost luggage. In the event that we as a company have caused damage to your luggage through gross negligence or intent, of if your luggage has been damaged or lost in connection with an accident, the passenger is entitled to compensation in accordance with the applicable regulations.

For lost luggage, please contact us by email at hittegods.buss@vy.se. Recovered lost luggage may be retrieved for an administrative fee of SEK 100 + any shipping costs. We take no special responsibility for found lost property. Emails pertaining to lost property are read and responded to on Mondays and Thursdays. We retain all found lost property for three weeks. 


We do not transport cargo on our buses.

Bikes and scooters

Bikes and scooters may not be carried or transported on our buses. This restriction applies to all departures operated by Vy Bus4You and Vy express.


Weapons may not be carried or transported on our buses. 

Comfort of facility change

In the event that there is a change in comfort level of an absence of facilities, a percentage of your ticket price will be offered as compensation in the form of a voucher that can be used for a future journey with Vy Travel AB. 


In those cases where we are unable to keep our promises in relation to levels of comfort, functioning toilet facilities, WiFi or power outlets, we will offer you compensation in the form of a voucher that can be used for a future journey. This voucher is valid for ticket purchases from both Vy Bus4You and Vy express, and remains valid for 3 months from date of issue, unless otherwise stated. Compensation will based on the cause/absence and may vary.  

Compensation for loss of earnings will not be paid.

Any costs relating to travel by taxi will not be reimbursed.  

In the event of a delay, compensation will be based on the length of the delay, the cause of the delay and the length of the journey. Please note that the length of the journey relates to the full route. 

The following terms and conditions apply to delays to journeys in excess of 150km.

In the event of a delay of 60 minutes or more, we will compensate you with one (1) free one way journey equivalent to the journey that was delayed. This compensation will be paid in the form of a credit voucher for use with us that will remain valid for 3 months from the date of issue. Delays of less than 120 minutes caused by weather, traffic disruption, border checks or other causes outside of our control will not be subject to compensation.

In the event of a delay of 120 minutes or more, you will be entitled to receive two (2) free on way journeys equivalent to the journey that was delayed issued to you in the form of a credit voucher for use with us. If you choose not to travel as a result of a delay of 120 minutes or more, you are entitled to a full refund of your unused ticket in accordance with the Bus Passenger Regulation. Regardless of the reason for the delay.

Compensation for loss of earnings will not be paid. 

Any expenses related to travel by taxi will not be reimbursed unless the taxi has been ordered directly by Vy Travel AB. 


Complaints should preferably be made in writing within three (3) months of the completion of your journey. The complaint must include a brief account of the journey and the ticket number for the trip in question. If you require assistance making a complaint, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Find out how to submit a complaint.

In the event that dispute resolution is necessary, please refer to the National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN). See contact details for ARN.

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