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Good to know

Good to know

Are you certain of our bagage rules? Which rights do you have as a traveler and what do you need to keep in mind when traveling together with other people? 


There might be different rules on travels with Bus4You and Vy express. Did you not find what you are looking for you are welcome to contact us.


Good to know when travelling with Vy

All buses is well equipped with toilets, free Wi-fi and air conditioning. 

Most of our buses are equipped with electrical power outlets. Some buses have on each row, others have on every second row.


Are you travelling with children, or are your child about to travel alone for the first time? Click under for more information. 

Travelling with children on norwegian routes

Travelling with children on swedish routes

If you use a wheelchair or have reduced mobility, please make sure to notify us so that we can fully assess your travel requirements.

Read more about travelling with disabilities her

Contact us for lost property, complaints or general feedback. 

Find your prefered contact information here