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Welcome back!

Norway has reopened and we are once again able to travel domestically as normal.




Copenhagen-Gothenburg fr. 109,-

Oslo-Kristiansand fr. 299,- 

Copenhagen-Oslo fr. 139,- 

Stockholm-Linköping fr. 99,- 

Helsingborg-Gothenburg fr 99,-

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We are happy and proud that you choose to travel with us! Before you travel, it is advisable to check that everything is in place. Here you will find information about our tickets, our regulation about luggage, information about our bus stops and more. If you don´t find the information below, please contact our costumer service. 

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Comfortable, safe and sustainable at low costs!

High comfort

Vy offers a comfortable travel in large chairs with plenty of room for you legs. We have free WiFi and most of our buses has electrical outlets. In the comfort level (plus) there is a row of double seats and a row of single seats. 


Road safety is the most important aspect to us. Vy has a certified road safety management system (ISO 39001:2012). This certificate is annually controlled. 

Low fare tickets

Traveling comfortably, safely and reliably does not have to be expensive. On nettbuss.com you will always find our cheapest tickets. Our buses are made for long distance travel and there are WiFi, power outlets, WC and AC on board.


Traveling collectively reduces the impact on the environment. A full bus carries the same amount of people as roughly 35 passenger cars does. We are constantly working on adapting traffic so that as many people travel as possible and that the amount of emissions per person becomes smaller. Nettbuss is environmentally certified.