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Bus between Linköping and Stockholm

Travel between to Stockholm and Linköping, without the change. From 99 SEK!

Nettbuss Bus4You drives several times daily between Linköping and Stockholm. The journey takes 2 hours and 35 minutes and takes place without a change. Just sit down in the armchair and relax!

Nettbuss Bus4You offers:
- Large comfortable armchairs
- Large legroom
- WiFi (free of charge)
- power outlet
- possibility to sit for yourself, or together with your favorite company
- 98% punctuality

Nettbuss Bus4You has Sweden's most satisfied customers, according to measurements made by SKI, Swedish Quality Index. For eight years in a row, Nettbuss Bus4You has been awarded the highest rating in the entire passenger transport industry, which includes train, airline and bus companies. Travel with Nettbuss Bus4You is labeled with the Nature Conservation Association's Good Environmental Choice and Nettbuss is roadworthiness certified according to ISO 39001: 2012.

Our cheapest tickets can be found on netbuss.se, but you can also buy a ticket from one of our dealers or call 0771-151515.


Travel from Linköping Travel Center to Stockholm City Terminal – city to city!