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Privacy policy

Vy Privacy Policy

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As Data controller, Vy (Vy Travel AB and Vy Buss AS) is responsible for collecting, processing and usage of personal data at nettbuss.com. At Vy we value your personal integrity and privacy, and we are utterly dedicated to protecting your personal data. This privacy policy is to inform you of what kind of data we collect, how it is processed and stored, the usage of your data and to whom the data can be presented to. Vy collect, process and use your personal data in accordance with current privacy reform, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). 

Personal data is all things that can be directly- or indirectly attributable to a physical person, whom is alive – e.g. name, address, phone number, email, personal number, pictures and IP-address.

Every type of action taken with personal data is referred to as Processing, bot automatic- and manual actions. Examples of common processing are collecting, storing, transmitting and deleting. 

Personal Data Assistants are companies and partners of Vy in need of your personal data to be able to offer you the services Vy provides – for example ticket sales, access to WiFi onboard our buses or a newsletter. We verify that all Personal Data Assistants can provide sufficient guarantees regarding the security and confidentiality of personal data and, of course, have agreements through which they guarantee, inter alia, the security and processing of personal data.

Data- collecting, usage and processing

Personal data submitted when purchasing a ticket is processed and handled by Vy and Personal Data Assistant TurnIt system. We assume that information submitted about another person than yourself is approved by that person. 

Personal data submitted when purchasing a ticket to travel, is only transferred to Vy employees (such as operation department and customer service) if/when warranted, for example if there is a delay and the purpose of transfer and access to personal data is to notify the traveler. The operation department and customer service employees may not use the personal data submitted for any other purposes. Personal data stored in TurniIt system are email address and phone number, which are saved for four years in order to meet our traveler's needs and improve the experience of Vy.

Customer service
Personal data collected in connection with communication with Vy by email or phone, to enable the services you require from us, is documented and stored. As soon as your errand is resolved your personal data is erased, no later than 6 months, provided there is no law that requires another storage period. When communicating via e-mail with Vy there may be customer satisfaction surveys. If you do not want to receive such communication, please e-mail to info@nettbuss.se or buss@vy.no.

Credit card information submitted when paying for a ticket is not stored or saved, the information is directly sent to the payment service providers, Klarna and PayEx (swedish travels) or Nets (norwegian travels).  

For information regarding processing and handling of personal data at Klarna, refer to Klarna Data Protection Policy (Klarna dataskyddspolicy.) For information about PayEx processing and handling of personal data, please refer to PayEx's Privacy Policy (PayEx sekretesspolicy).

For information regarding processing and handling of personal data at Nets, refer to Privacy policy Nets.

Several of our vehicles are equipped with WiFi. To use the WiFi it is sometimes demanded that you register your email address. The email address is stored at Personal Data Assistants Icomera and Fältcom.

Membership at nettbuss.com
With Vy, you have the option to create a personal account and become a member. Personal data submitted in connection with the membership application is stored for as long as you are a member. The personal information you enter to become a premium member is personal and you can change or delete information in your account at any time. You can terminate your membership subscription when you wish and in connection with that, we will remove your personal information. To all Premium members we offer a newsletter. Personal information submitted when registering for a newsletter is processed by Vy and Personal Data Assistant Apsis. If you unsubscribe from your subscription, your personal information will be deleted. For information about Apsis processing and handling of personal data, please refer to the Apsis Privacy Policy.

Job application
Personal data (CV, personal letter, grades, etc.) submitted in connection with the application of vacancies on Vy is handled and processed by Vy and the Personal Data Assistant “Varbi Rekryteringsverktyg”. Regular out sorting of personal data is carried out, but for a period not exceeding two years. Spontaneous job applications submitted at nettbuss.se/.no are automatically deleted after six months.

Employment and education
Personal data (CV, personal letter, grades, etc.) submitted in connection with the application for education are saved as long as it is required for administration, i.e. for sending information, course material and evaluation surveys. Because we charge for courses, the invoice will be saved in accordance with current accounting rules.

Personal data (name and social security number) provided in connection with YKB training will be drawn up and a certificate will be issued, the attendance list and certificate will be deposited with the Education Manager according to TSFS 2017:1 five years, after which the attendance list and certificate will be deleted.

Contests and campaigns 
Campaigns and contests may occur on nettbuss.com. When submitting to a campaign or contests your personal data will be used in case of contact. Winners of contests or users of campaigns may be presented at nettbuss.com, however, not without the users’ approval. The dialogue held with the user will be erased six months after the presentation. 

Nettbuss.com uses cookies from Google, Google Analytics. Google Analytics enables Vy to collect and analyze data. Google Analytics receives information about how users find our webpage and how it is used. Google Analytics helps Vy improve the website and ensure that our website meets the user needs. The storage of information varies from a few days to a year depending on how frequently the user visits nettbuss.com website.

Reporting lost item
Personal data submitted through Vy lost- and found form is stored until the article is returned. An erasure is done every six months. 

How your personal data is protected 

The security of personally identifiable information is important to us. We have taken administrative, technical and physical security measures to protect against unauthorized use, disclosure, alteration or destruction of the personally identifiable information we collect on this site.

Your rights as a visitor, user or member at Nettbuss.com

You are entitled to access the personal data processed by you at nettbuss.com. To obtain this, you must submit a signed request to us. Keep in mind that Vy may ask for additional information to ensure an effective and correct handling of your request.

You are entitled to rectification if you find that your personal information is incorrect. Within the current purpose, you are also entitled to supplement any incomplete personal data.

You are entitled to data portability, which means that you can request that the data we process about you is transferred to another data controller. One condition is that the transfer is technically possible and can be done automatically.

You are entitled to request that the processing of your personal data is to be limited if you disagree that the personal information we process about you is correct. The restriction may be valid during the time that the check of the correctness of the personal data is in progress.

You are entitled to the deletion of personal data that we are processing about you if:

- The data is no longer necessary for the purposes they have been collected or processed.

- You oppose an interest weighing we have made based on legitimate interest and your objection weighs heavier than our legitimate interest.

- You oppose direct marketing treatment.

- Your personal data is processed illegally.

- The personal data must be deleted to comply with a legal obligation we are subject to.

- Personal data have been collected on a child (under 13 years) for which you have parental responsibility and the collection has taken place in connection with the provision of services via e.g. social media.

We have the right to deny your request for deletion if there are legal obligations that prevent us from deleting certain personal data - such as from accounting and taxation, banking and money laundering and consumer law. The denial may also be because processing of your personal data is necessary in order to determine, enforce or defend legal claims.

Privacy Policy Update

Last update: 26. April 2019.

Vy makes ongoing changes to this policy. A new version will be valid when made available on the site. 

Request is sent to:
info@nettbuss.se or buss@vy.no