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Road safety

Vy bus operation is ISO certified by KIWA Technological Institute Certification AS in environment, traffic safety and quality according to the following standards.

NS-EN ISO 14001, applies to all bus operations in Vy.
Traffic security
NS-ISO 39001, applies to all bus operations in Vy.
NS-EN ISO 9001, applies to all bus operations in Vy.

All certificates apply to passenger transport by bus, cleaning services for heavier vehicles, workshop for heavy vehicles, mechanical and bodywork. 

Road safety

We follow the vision zero “Nollvisionen” which is statutory by the Swedish government. The ambition is to decrease the number of people getting killed or hurt in traffic to zero. One of our values is “We have many lives in our hands”, which means that we are responsible throughout the whole journey. The bus is already today one of the most secure ways to transport and we wish to increase this security for all our passengers and colleagues through:

- Following the current laws and guidelines from authorities and employers

- Continuously communicating and assuring this policy’s accuracy and that it is followed within the organization

- Setting goals for our important aspects of traffic safety

- Working with continuous improvements

Road safety is the most important aspect of quality for Vy Travel AB. We are working actively with identifying risks and minimizing those who are identified. Vy Travel holds a management system certificate (ISO 39001:2012) which yearly is controlled through external revision via an accredited certification organ. 

These parameters below together with our drivers calm driving and welcoming approach will give you a secure and comfortable travel. Please see our management system certificate by clicking here. 

- All buses are mounted with safety belts on all seats. We always recommend using these since it is a legal obligation in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Using safety belts also assure safety, for the individual and all fellow passengers. 

- In case of fire the motor is mounted with a sprinkler system which immediately chokes the flames. 

- The buses go through each of Setra’s and Scania’s service program.

- Our drivers complete regular heath examinations and educations in cardiopulmonary rescue and fire safety. 

- The buses are mounted with alcohol interlocks.

- During the winter period our buses have winter decks. We only use decks with groove depth deeper than what the law demands.