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Travel collectively means that you diminish the negative effects of the environment in a number of ways. Vy is contributing positively to the social development through offering an opportunity of traveling with minimum environmental effects compared to other alternatives.

The public transport is equal to all transport where it comes to negatively effecting the climate. Through incineration of fuel carbon dioxide is generated which is one of the gaseous which is harmful to the climate causing global warming. The incineration is causing air pollution when generating nitrogen oxide and other particles which are harmful to public health.

Furthermore traffic noise is also effecting the environment and people negatively. Everyday all Vy workers are working to minimize these negative consequences of air pollution and noise from traffic. At all depots the ambition is to minimize the chemical and energy usage and to strive for effective waste disposal.  We are working hard to decrease the usage of fossil fuels and replace these with renewable fuels such as electricity, biogases or biodiesel. We are also working with adjusting the traffic to make as many as possible to travel at the same time. Increased traffic coating is equal to minimum emissions per person which is a great part of the sustainable work efforts. Traveling by bus is decreasing the congestion in traffic since the bus can transport 60 passengers, which is equal to approximately 35 private cars, where the fuel consumption is 3 liters a mile.

Environmental certification
Vy initiated a certification align with ISO 14001 during 2007 which was completed in 2008. Today all Vy bus companies are certified align with ISO 14001, which demands systematic work efforts regarding the environment and continuous improvements. The questions concerning climate are what we are working with everyday in everything from how we work for an increased number of customers, selection of fuel to how we operate all vehicles. “Being certified align with ISO means a constant need for improvements. Within the Vy bus corporation we are working in process teams to identify significant aspects of climate effects, set new challenging goals and diminishing the negative effects of the environment.”

”Bra Miljöval”
All travels operated with Vy Bus4You carry the marking of a good environmental selection called “Bra Miljöval” issued by Naturskyddsföreningen. “A travel with the environmental friendly marking Bra Miljöval is equal to low climate effects and limited spillage of harmful substances. This marking is putting high demands when it comes to the spill from the vehicle itself and also of the production of electricity or the fuel consumption which are used to operate the vehicle – but it comes more to it. Companies must invest money in tangible environmental improving projects, e.g. lowering the energy consumption for future travels. When choosing a transport alternative which has the marking Bra Miljöval you are minimizing your clime effects.”

Source reference: naturskyddsföreningen.se

We are working hard to maintain the highest levels of renewable fuel in the bus tanks. If possible we make sure to fuel up with HVO. HVO (vegetable based fuel) is a fully renewable fuel which is produced by decay products from wood, slaughter of animals or from plants. To fill up with HVO the fossil gaseous is reduced with up tp 90 per cent compared to fossil diesel. When the option of fueling up with HVO does not exist we use Preem Evolution Diesel, which contains of up to 50 per cent of renewable raw material. Preem Evolution Dielsel is made by almost 50 per cent of pinetree oil (HVO) which is a decay product from the forest industry. The ambition is finding the best fuel to make the environmental effects as small as possible. Travels with Vy Bus4You carry the marking Bra Miljöval and the buses have Euro-6 motors with the best emission control. Thank you for traveling with us and at the same time contribute to a sustainable development! 

Vy will be working with solutions enhancing the business economics and continuous improvements with each part of all activities which will contribute to a development the daily needs without risking the next coming generations opportunity of supplying the future needs with minimal effects of the environment and public health. Our main business which is passenger transport has a very positive effect of the environment which we can enhance further through actively working for improvements. Our environmental work efforts aim to fulfill the actual legislation and to grant demands from authorities and other employers.

To reach this we must make sure to:
- Engage all coworkers to take part in the work efforts concerning the environment through training and information.
- Follow and evaluate new techniques.
- Each year evaluate the environmental effects, follow up and set new goals for all important aspects of climate work efforts.