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Travelers with disabilities

If you use a wheelchair or have reduced mobility, please make sure to notify us so that we can fully assess your travel requirements.

On norwegian travels wheelchair tickets can be bought online within 36 hours before departure. Select your ticket category and click "I require space for electrical wheelchair" when you buy your ticket. 

On swedish travels please contact customer services on e mail info@nettbuss.se or telephone +46771-151515.

The traveler must be able to carry out the journey on his own own, with a companion or with the assistance that Vy can offer. 


Exemption from the right to transport

Persons with disabilities or reduced mobility can only be refused transport if:

  • it is necessary to safeguard security given in accordance with law or regulation
  • the construction of the bus, stop or terminal makes it physically impossible to take the traveler on board. 

For safety reasons and construction of the bus, the wheelchair can not exceed the following measures:
length 120 cm, width 70 cm, height 109 cm and total weight 300 kg (included user). 

If  the traveller is refused transport due to the reasons mentioned above, the traveler will be informed of alternative transport options. The traveler will be given a refund for their purchased ticket.

Assistance on your journey

Vy need to be notified no later than 36 hours before departure if there is need for assistance. 

Assistance during the journey consists of assistance for boarding and seating. Our staff will not be able to help with feeding, medication, toilet visits or the like. 

Although the traveler has not notified for assistance in the given time needed, Vy will try to assist the traveler with boarding and seating as far as practically possible. 

Companion and guide dogs

Companions travel with no cost by showing a valid identification of their service.