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Travelling with animals

There are different guidelines on travelling with animals on norwegian and swedish routes. Are you unsure what applies to your travel, please contact us.

Swedish travels

Small pets are allowed on the swedish bus lines whilst transported in a cage during the whole trip. The cage must fit into a seat and you also have to buy a youth ticket for you pet.

We recommend that you purchase the tickets online where you can add seat reservations for both you and your pet, in order not to risk getting seats far apart. 

Guide dogs may be included free of charge.


Norwegian travels

Due to allergies we do not allow animals on most of our bus lines. There are a few exceptions to this rule:

  • We allow guide dogs for blind people
  • Service dogs
  • Police dogs travelling with a uniformed police officer
  • On lines VY1, VY3, VY6, FB11 and FB65 cats, dogs and smaller animals in cages are allowed. For animals, you have to buy a ticket for children (6-17 years). Tickets must be bought on board the bus.