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Hire a bus- get the best experience

Tour buses are designed to facilitate the social side of a bus tour, with a focus on safety, a high degree of comfort and great flexibility.

Practical information 

Before the travel you should make a total assessment of price, safety and delivery security. Make sure your confirmation matches your wishes and les ut know if there is anything you want to change.

Our drivers will go through the bus once the journey is over. Lost goods will be taken care of by the local department. Concat us if you have forgotten something! 

Preventing the spread of the coronavirus

We want you to feel safe when hiring a bus from us. We carry out extra cleaning onboard buses and disinfect contact points both before and after each trip. We follow NHO Transport’s infection prevention guidelines. These are based on the basic guidelines relating to infection prevention on public transport issued by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health:

1) Sick people should stay at home.

2) Practising good hand and cough hygiene, while boosting cleaning procedures.

3) Implementing measures that reduce contact. A distance of one metre between passengers is recommended and this should be implemented throughout the journey.