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What is good to know about our commuter tickets in Norway

We launched a new sales system and website in November. This meant changes to our periodic products. Do not worry, much is very much alike but there are some changes worth knowing.

Faste reisedager is now called 30 days periodic ticket /14 days periodic ticket.  

Where can I find my period ticket?

You have access to your periodic ticket under “My commuter cards”. Log in with your member profile, access the menu by clicking on the icon, then select “Commute cards” (See marking/ image 1).

To validate the ticket on the bus, use the QR code on My pages. Click the pink arrow (see marking / image 2) to get the QR code. (See marking / image 3).

If you have secured a seat by "paying" the journey with a period product on nettbuss.com or nettbuss.no, you will be sent a ticket by e-mail (and SMS if that is chosen). The e-mail (and SMS) contains a link to a HTML ticket with the QR code. 

Please note!
If you do not book online, use the QR code you find on My pages -> My commuter cards on every journey until your travel days or periodic ticket has expired.

When is it activated?

There are two ways to activate your periodic product:

Purchasing a journey with a periodic ticket on nettbuss.com/.no 
The periodic ticket is activated when the first reservation is made online. For instance, making your first reservation on a journey a few days ahead will activate the ticket from the time of travel of that departure. Be aware that the date of activation cannot be altered. 

The ticket is activated when validated by the bus driver for the first time.


Secure space with your periodic product

It is still possible to secure a seat by “paying” with your periodic product on a specific departure. When logged in to your member profile there will be an option saying “I want to use my commuter card” on the front page. Click on this option. If you want to travel from a different stop, then that is not an issue. Click on “from” and you will get a full list of all valid stops.

It is also possible to secure a space using the “reserve” option under “My commuter cards”. This will automatically take you to the front page where the “from” and “to” are automatically filled out. Please check that you have the right stop before you proceed with your booking.

If you have reserved a space, you will be sent a ticket by e-mail and/or SMS if you chose this option during your booking. The e-mail and the SMS contain a link to a HTML ticket. Please note that you are not required to make a booking, but we very much recommend to do this in order to be guaranteed a space.


Cancellation Insurance

It is possible to purchase a journey with cancellation insurance. Please note that this is a feature applicable to 10 travel days / 5 travel days only. With this insurance you can cancel a planned journey up to two hours before departure. The cost is 20 NOK. You cannot cancel the entire purchase of the 10 / 5 days.

Renew your product

On “My pages” you have a full overview of your travel products. Here you can easily renew a travel product / commuter card when it reaches its expiration day. Do remember to pay attention to the expiry date as you will not be notified.