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Travelling with children on Swedish routes

When traveling with children under 3 years old, you can choose to have the child on the seat next to you or on your knee. In any event, you still need to buy a child ticket with your own ticket.

When buying a ticket the child has an own seat on board. Please consider reserving places next to each other in order to avoid being allocated in separate places.

A stroller may be included for free and it should be placed in the luggage compartment for the entire trip. 


Securing of children in the bus

Our buses are mainly equipped with 2-point belts, which are then snapped over the waist - so no booster seat is needed. You are of course welcome to bring your own booster seat or baby cover. On those buses where there are 3-point belts, we have booster seats for loan and no pre-registration is required.


Children travelling alone on swedish routes

All children travelling alone must be at least 7 years old. It's therefore not possible to solo buy a child ticket.  

All children travelling alone with Nettbuss shall have a good and safe experience. There are different rules for children travelling alone on norwegian and swedish travels, so please make sure you know what applies to your travel.