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Airport bus FB65 Moa/Valderøy-Ålesund Airport

Vy operates the airport bus service in Ålesund. FB65 runs two different routes to and from the airport.

From Ålesund (Moa trafikkterminal)

The travel time from Ålesund (Moa trafikkterminal) to Ålesund Lufthavn (Vigra) is 45 minutes.

The bus runs via Campus Ålesund, Skateflukaia and Ålesund bus station.

From Valderøy

The travel time from Valderøy to Ålesund Lufthavn (Vigra) is ten minutes.

For times and tickets, use the journey planner or the Vy app. 

Please note: Departures from Ålesund Airport are adapted to flight arrivals.